Sunny Florida Dairy is a widely recognized and well-respected name throughout the state of Florida.  It is synonymous with superior service, loyalty and friendly customer service.  We pride ourselves on being the best in the industry.

We cover the state like the sun!

We are able to provide a full line of dairy products to the entire state of Florida.  With 125 dairy routes, we service over 4,500 locations from 14 depots.  Our corporate headquarters facility is strategically located in Tampa, Florida.  

The Guagliardo family has been in the dairy business since 1911.  Nearly 100 years ago, Giuseppe Guagliardo and his family immigrated from Santo Stefano, Sicily.  He immediately purchased two dairy cows and began to provide a living for his family.  He and his sons delivered the milk to the front steps of the neighboring homes in the area.  The Guagliardo’s, like many other immigrants new to the Tampa Bay area, began their life in Ybor City – in fact, the company is still operating on the original property on which it was founded.

Through our excellent, friendly customer service and a good work ethic, we have been fortunate enough to continue to have real and sustained growth by anticipating and responding to our customer needs.  Throughout our almost 100-year history, we have been involved in the farming, processing and distribution segments of the dairy business.  We chose to focus on what we do best, bringing the milk to market.  We are one the few remaining family owned and operated businesses in the industry- now managed by the fourth and fifth generations.  We pride ourselves on treating our customers like family. 

Our customers are diverse and include independent to chain accounts such as grocery stores, restaurants and convenient stores.  We also serve healthcare, schools and resorts.  In addition to fluid milk, we also offer an extensive line of dairy products to all of our customers.  Our value added products include eggs, butter, cheese, yogurt, a variety of single serve drinks and ice cream.  In addition to our own line of gourmet ice cream products, we are one of the few companies that have the ability to provide a novelty program featuring Blue Bunny, MARS/Unilever and Nestle ice cream. 

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality brands, products and industry-leading customer service; but more importantly in today’s economy, competitive pricing and value for our customers.